Malaysia Wildlands Project aims to protect and restore the natural heritage of Malaysia through the establishment of a connected system of wildlands. Your contribution will be channeled to planting native trees equal to the amount of carbon emission your travel to or within Malaysia has put out. A percentage will go to the purchase of marginal land along critical wildlife habitats to serve as buffer zones between habitats.
The dusky leaf monkey

Dusky Leaf Monkey of Langkawi

Your Support Matters

woman's hand holding a growing plantYour support is very important to us. No amount is too little to contribute towards conservation of nature.

By being an MWP conservation advocate or purchasing carbon to offset your air travel emission or purchasing trees for reforestation, you can be rest assured that your generous effort goes a long way.

Feature Article – Kilim Geology

Kilim Geology

The most dominant geological feature is the primary dark-grey limestone of the Setul Formation. It is among the oldest limestone formations in Malaysia. It is estimated to have been formed about 500 million years ago during the Ordovician and Lower Devonian period. This is when primitive fish and corals first appeared. [Read more]

Become a Conservation Advocate

Caring about environment by starting from own home

Becoming a conservation advocate can be the most rewarding thing you can do in your life. It is not work that excludes humans, but focus directly on our ultimate survival.

Whether you want to participate as an individual, a group or as an organization, the experience can inspire you while having a positive and meaningful impact on accomplishing our mission of nationwide conservation.

Bishops change against reform.

All rights reserved.. Bishops change against reform, conservative Christians crank up opposition Catholic Bishops have already been speaking away against healthcare reform proposals in latest weeks, following largely embracing the overhaul’s goals last month as a continuation of their efforts to protected healthcare for the poor, THE BRAND NEW York Situations reports. Leading Catholic leaders possess figured Democrats’ initiatives to carve out abortion protection are therefore inadequate that lawmakers should block the complete effort, and bishops also have joined up with the chorus of alarms about the rationing of health care. Continue reading

Chiltern earns Gold Membership in CDISC Chiltern International Small.

Chiltern earns Gold Membership in CDISC Chiltern International Small , a worldwide contract research organization offers earned a Gold Membership in CDISC, the Clinical Data Interchange Specifications Consortium www.avanafil-uk.com/avanafil-or-sildenafil.html . CDISC can be a worldwide nonprofit organization which has established standards to aid the acquisition, exchange, submission, and archive of clinical research data. CDISC is comprised of almost 200 global agencies including leading Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and academic establishments. Their objective is to develop and support global data criteria that enable information exchange to boost medical study with a eyesight toward affected individual care and safety. Continue reading

Reports optometry and vision science Adjustments in the lipid layer of the eye&39 med.

Changes in lipid level of tear film may contribute to contact lens discomfort Liposomal eyelid spray may alleviate lens discomfort, reports optometry and vision science Adjustments in the lipid layer of the eye' natural tear film may contribute to the common issue of contact lens discomfort, reports a study in the December problem of Optometry and Vision Technology, official journal of the American Academy of Optometry. The journal is definitely released by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, part of Wolters Kluwer Health. Applying a liposomal eyelid spray seems to decrease drying of the tear film and help to make wearing get in touch with lenses more comfortable, according to the pilot research by Fiona Stapleton, PhD, FAAO, of University of New South Wales, Sydney, and colleagues med . Continue reading

Will be shown at the Basis&39.

Prize provides been awarded since 2005 and is certainly funded by the Sidney R. Baer, Jr., Basis. The prize honors outstanding young researchers selected by this season's Lieber Prizewinners. Gregory A. Light, Ph.D., University of California, NORTH PARK Dr. Light can be an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, NORTH PARK , Associate Director of the UCSD Schizophrenia Analysis Plan, which Dr. Braff directs, and UCSD Site Coordinator for the NIH Consortium on the Genetics of Schizophrenia , a multi-institutional plan under Dr. Braff's direction. He’s also Associate Director of the Clinical Neuroscience and Genomics Device of the NORTH PARK Veterans Affairs Department. Continue reading

According to articles in the January problem of Archives of Dermatology.

Bisphosphonate use in dermatology individuals receiving long-term oral corticosteroid therapy In a small research from a referral center for dermatology, most individuals getting prolonged oral corticosteroids for chronic epidermis diseases weren’t receiving therapies to avoid osteoporosis which may be due to the drug, according to articles in the January problem of Archives of Dermatology. Oral glucocorticoids, or corticosteriods, are recommended for a number of chronic skin illnesses, along with other circumstances, according to background details in this article. Continue reading

Americans halved their threat of dying from CHD more than past 20 years: Study By smoking less.

Americans halved their threat of dying from CHD more than past 20 years: Study By smoking less, watching their cholesterol and decreasing their high blood pressure, Americans halved their risk of dying from cardiovascular system disease in the last 20 years, a fresh study shows. While treating existing cardiovascular disease also helped reduce mortality rates, preventing cardiovascular disease from occurring in the first place made the biggest dent by far. Cardiovascular system disease , or narrowing of the arteries, can lead to chest pain and coronary attack penegra100mg.com/penegra-100mg-and-impotence.html . Continue reading

Auto Safety You start with a babys initial journey home from a healthcare facility.

That is especially very important to older children who may carry luggage and backpacks that may get captured in a door or about a seat. Wear seatbelts when possible. Some educational college buses are outfitted with seatbelts. They must be buckled prior to the bus leaves and remaining on before bus finds its destination. Play it interesting. Make certain kids understand the significance of residing in their seats as the bus is shifting. Operating or climbing around the bus can distract the driver and become dangerous to other children. Be careful moving away from the bus. When exiting the bus, children should store the handrail and stage down slowly. Continue reading

Ban smoking in vehicles?

Ban smoking in vehicles? British doctors say yes Smoking bans are actually in place in every sorts of areas, including restaurants, bars, and parks in addition to workplaces www.letadalafil.net . Right now the group that represents doctors in Britain is certainly calling on the federal government to snuff out cigarette smoking in cars – a stage that could exceed regulations elsewhere. Images: America’s smokiest metropolitan areas In analysis released on Wednesday, the British Medical Association stated that the confined environment in automobiles exposes motorists and passengers to 23 times more toxins when compared to a smoky bar. Continue reading

In a paper to surface in the February problem of Nature Neuroscience and today available on-line.

Previously several scientists have viewed slices of brain cells and develop hints that astrocytes might regulate blood circulation in brain cells. The current analysis, funded by the National Institute of Neurological Stroke and Disorders, uses sophisticated laser system produced by Nedergaard to research the experience of astrocytes in living organisms. The group utilized a fluorescent dye to light the blood vessels, put a special type of the chemical substance calcium into astrocytes after that. They utilized one laser beam to activate the calcium, and another laser beam to monitor how astrocytes prepared the chemical substance. Continue reading