They say heart attacks are not just the domain of hostile and explosive types.

At that time the males were in good health, and the researchers after that followed through to them for an interval of 12 years. The researchers discovered that those that scored in the very best 15 %ile for anxiety were more likely to suffer heart episodes later on and according to Shen that is not unexpected. Shen says the physiological reactions of nervousness are very similar to the signs and changes that are thought to lead to heart attacks so when a person is anxious your body reacts as if it really is in danger and triggers a trip or combat response. These reactions says Shen are very similar to those due to anger but fortunately nervous guys can lower their risk of heart attack, as anxiety is very treatable.We had frequently written through the advertising campaign about the misleading claim by Mitt Romney that President Obama experienced gutted a lot more than $700 billion from Medicare to invest in Obamacare. And yet here was Pelosi claiming Republicans had utilized the ‘same money’ to invest in a tax cut, in comparison to Democrats, who she said had used the $700 billion to ‘increase benefits to seniors’ . The Hill: Mont. Senators Problem HHS Redefining 'Frontier' Montana Sens.