Cigarettes or diet soda: Which gives you cancer sooner?

( There is no prescription medication, and there never will be one, which cures the nagging problems that artificial sweeteners create. Over 70 % of reported cases of fibromyalgia, chronic depression, Acid and IBS reflux are caused by consuming chemical agents which were approved by the FDA. ( The good thing is that there are natural treatments for both diet plan soda addiction and cigarette addiction. Don’t eat cancer, don’t smoke malignancy, and eat organic meals onlyWant to give up the Smoking ADDICTION? Want to give up smoking and be smoke-free for life, using a natural method the ongoing wellness Ranger recommends? Check out 14AndOut, the all natural solution to stop smoking in 2 weeks or less: ( Want to give up the DIET SODA ADDICTION? Wish to avoid eating ‘cancer’ and find out about hundreds of chemical substances posing as food, so you can filtration system them out of your daily intake? Check out the reserve Don’t Eat Cancer available as a complete color download: ( Would you like the very best nutrition, USDA approved organic, Superfoods, healthy storable food and safe natural remedies? Check out the Natural News store and read Mike Adam’s reviews and suggestions.‘Chances are that Chd5's multi-faceted means of enforcing tumor suppression shall verify useful for regulating diverse types of cancers, including cancers with many different combos of genetic lesions,’ Mills says.

Better diagnosis of breasts cancer could result from simple blood test Scientists have discovered a simple blood check may lead to better medical diagnosis and treatment for early-stage breast cancer sufferers, according to articles published Online Initial in The Lancet Oncology.