She would need to undergo open-brain medical procedures.

Aneurysms, weak areas of arteries that balloon out, can possess catastrophic brain-damaging and life-threatening consequences if indeed they burst. With very small aneurysms, the risks of intervention might be greater than the chances of rupture; therefore, these may be monitored over period. For some aneurysms that pose a threat, two main treatment plans exist: Within an open-brain operation, surgeons might place a metal clip at the throat of the aneurysm to close it, or neurointerventionalists or surgeons could use the minimally invasive path to fill up the aneurysm with platinum coils. ‘Large and wide-neck aneurysms have shown a special challenge as the foot of the ‘balloon’ is very broad. The coils would simply pop back from the aneurysm and potentially block the artery,’ says Alexander, professor and medical chief of the Division of Neurosurgery and director of the Neurovascular Center at Cedars-Sinai.The Boston Globe: Campaigns CONCENTRATE ON Medicare Costs The dispute highlights the difficulty of accurately scoring Romney’s Medicare plan. The Center for American Progress made cost estimates based on the voucher limits outlined in a proposal by Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, Romney’s running mate, who recommended capping the annual increase in premium support payments at the growth of the nation’s gross domestic product, plus 0. National Journal: Mixed Message From Obama Advisers On Medicare President Obama provides seized on Republican proposals to overhaul Medicare as a top campaign issue, saying that the GOP plan to add a private insurance option would end seniors’ guarantee of federal government healthcare.