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The EPA advocates a personal dose limit of 15 millirems per year, and the NRC recommends 25 millirems per year. Such conflicts may lead to arguments that might undermine public self-confidence and delay remediation efforts, according to Elcock. And, she adds, as additional societal factors are in stake, it is likely that RDD cleanup goals varies from traditional cleanup goals significantly. Another concern is that the computer models designed to set maximum degrees of radiation in soil are based on cleanups in rural conditions, whereas a dirty bomb attack would most likely occur in a populous town.‘On paper this latest assortment of letters, I discovered that few folks have reflected on the influence their health is wearing their lives, yet our physicality is tied to our psychological well-being intimately,’ Spragins stated of the marketing campaign. ‘Whenever we are in discomfort, this not only requires a toll on our capability to do our jobs and pursue actions we love – – it also erodes our happiness, human relationships and, sometimes, our feeling of who we are.’ Krzyzewski wrote himself a letter, questioning why he handled the pain for so long without seeking help. ‘You’re not Superman, Mike, while you were sort of taught to be,’ the legendary trainer, who graduated from West Stage, wrote himself.